Welcome to the Fitzkee lab! As of Summer 2018, we are planning an entirely new and updated website. In the meantime, there are big changes happening in the lab:

Postdocs Wanted

We are currently recruiting two postdoctoral scholars for newly-funded NSF and NIH projects on protein-surface interactions. The positions will open on August 1, 2018. The ideal candidates should be highly motivated and will have experience with either nanoparticle synthesis and characterization or protein NMR spectroscopy. Day-to-day activities will include spectroscopic, microscopic, and biophysical investigation of proteins on nanoparticles. The candidates will also be responsible for expression and purification of recombinant proteins. For more information, please check out our flier, or contact Nick Fitzkee (contact info).

Open Positions

The Fitzkee lab is currently looking for graduate students interested in NMR spectroscopy, protein structure, and computer modeling. Active projects include the understanding of phase-separation in disordered elastin-like polypeptides, understanding the biophysics of protein-nanoparticle interactions, and studying the behavior of bacterial surface proteins involved in biofilm formation. Graduate student applicants should be passionate about science and have a strong mathematical background. Programming experience is a huge plus. Contact Nick Fitzkee (contact info) for more details.

Biochemistry Boot Camp

Once again, we're hosting a Boot Camp for undergraduate and new graduate student researchers. The program will cover computational tools needed to dive into experimental biophysics research. Visit the Boot Camp Page for more information!