Methods in Biophysical Chemistry

Homework 7 - Calorimetry and X-ray

The final homework assignment for the class is available below:

  • Homework 7 Handout (link)
  • Example ITC Data - note that units of heat are in kJ mol-1 K-1 (link)

Calorimetry Notes

I have not yet received Dr. Lewis's slides on calorimetry, but I have included the handout he used in class, and I will email you a copy of my notes on DSC. These should be sufficient to get you through the homework assignment should you wish to start this weekend.

Calorimetry Sciences Corporation Handout


Additional Fluorescence Info

As we'll see, fluorescence is a rich and diverse topic, and many interesting studies have been done on biological molecules using principles of fluorescent emission. We won't be able to cover fluorescence deeply, but I have linked a series of lectures from a workshop by Joachim Mueller at Minnesota a few years back that cover some of the same topics we will be discussing:

You can find a link to the original workshop site here.


Lecture Slides (Week 10)

Next week's lecture slides are linked below. Note that there may be small tweaks, as these are being published somewhat early.


Homework 5

The next homework assignment is available below.  You will need the data as well as the handout itself to complete the assignment.

  • Homework #5 PDF (link)
  • UV-Vis Spectrum (link)


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