SBIG Meeting - October 12

This week's SBIG meeting will be held at 12:00 noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135) on Wednesday, October 12th.  Our speakers this week are:

  • Dr. Nicholas Fitzkee - The title of Dr. Fitzkee's talk is "How to Use Calorimetry to Calculate the Number of Residues that Fold Upon Binding."  This presentation will be based off of Spolar and Record (1994) Science, 263: 777.  A link to the paper is available here.
  • Dinesh Yadav (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinesh will give a presentation entitled "How Different NMR Fields can Improve Exchange Behavior in Protein Binding Measurements."

There's no pizza this week, but we're tentatively planning to have pizza in November. See you Wednesday!