MSU NMR Facility Upgrades the 500 MHz

500 NMR with Sample Case

Our 500 MHz NMR received a substantial upgrade this week with the installation of a Sample Case and some other new hardware. The Sample Case will allow automated queuing of up to 24 samples and is the most noticeable upgrade. However, several additional upgrades were done "under the hood." These include an additional X-channel amplifier (for triple resonance experiments) and a three-axis gradient system (for advanced diffusion and imaging measurements). In addition, a new TXI probe with XYZ gradients is expected to arrive at the end of the summer, and this will allow for increased proton sensitivity to complement our current BBFO probe.

The Sample Case is going to be a big change, and Snow Xu, our facility manager, offered some training today along with the Bruker engineer. We are already seeing collaborative interest in using this system for metabolomics from researchers in Biochemistry and the College of Veterinary Medicine. These are exciting times for our NMR facility, and this upgrade strengthens our leadership in NMR in the state of Mississippi.

We are especially thankful to the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and the NIH COBRE at MSU (under grant P20GM103646) for supporting this upgrade financially. Here's to a new era of high-quality, collaborative research using magnetic resonance! Go ChemDawgs!