Structural Biology Interest Group

Welcome to the homepage for the MSU Structural Biology Interest Group (SBIG)! This page contains information about our current meeting schedule and locations. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you would like to receive emails, or if you would like to be included in the presentation schedule, please contact Dr. Fitzkee at nfitzkee @ (remove spaces).

Currently, SBIG meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135 (click here for a map). Occasionally, we meet elsewhere, so please double-check the announcements below for more details.

SBIG Meeting - January 11

With a new year, comes another Structural Biology Interest Group series.  Next week's speakers are:

  • Dinesh Yadav (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinesh will present on journal article by Rumi-Masante and coworkers, entitled, ' Structural basis for activation of calcineurin by calmodulin." You can find a link to the article here.
  • Yue Zhang (Fitzkee Lab) - Yue will give a presentation on his research, "Modeling the Early Stages of Aggregation in Disordered Elastin-Like Proteins."

As usual, we will meet at 12:00 noon in the Chemistry conference room (Hand Lab 1135). 

Please consider if you want to present this semester. We are looking for presenters, not only from Chemistry but from other departments as well - if your work pertains to the intersection of chemical structure and function in a biological context, please feel free to volunteer. You do not need to be doing traditional structural biology (X-ray crystallography or NMR structure determination) to be of interest to the group.  Indeed, one of our goals is to establish collaborations across MSU between structurally-minded researchers and other types of biologists. 

For more information about SBIG, please visit the website or contact Dr. Nick Fitzkee in the Department of Chemistry (x5-1288).

See you Wednesday!


SBIG Meeting - November 9

This week's Structural Biology Interest Group meeting will be held at 12:00 noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135) on Wednesday, November 9.  One of our speakers cancelled this week, so we will have an abbreviated meeting. The speaker will be:

  • Thualfeqar Al-Mohanna (Emerson Lab) – Mohanna’s talk will be titled “Inserting DNA (AdcR) into vector (pET-15b) & Designing vector pATA.“

There's no pizza this week, so please remember to pack a lunch if need be.  See you Wednesday!


SBIG Meeting - October 12

This week's SBIG meeting will be held at 12:00 noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135) on Wednesday, October 12th.  Our speakers this week are:

  • Dr. Nicholas Fitzkee - The title of Dr. Fitzkee's talk is "How to Use Calorimetry to Calculate the Number of Residues that Fold Upon Binding."  This presentation will be based off of Spolar and Record (1994) Science, 263: 777.  A link to the paper is available here.
  • Dinesh Yadav (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinesh will give a presentation entitled "How Different NMR Fields can Improve Exchange Behavior in Protein Binding Measurements."

There's no pizza this week, but we're tentatively planning to have pizza in November. See you Wednesday!



SBIG Meeting - September 14

As promised, our next SBIG meeting is upon us. We will meet at 12 noon on September 14th in the Hand Lab Conference Room (room 1135). Our speakers are listed below:

  • Teresa Brown (Emerson Lab) - "Analyzing Active Site Structure with Mutagenesis and Simulations"
  • Yue Zhang (Fitzkee Lab) - Yue will give a presentation on the following paper, entitled "Structure-Based Prediction of Protein-Folding Transition Paths." The full text is available to MSU students and faculty and can be found here.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Gearing up for SBIG

Hard to believe that the summer is over, but it's time to start things back up with SBIG this year. While our first meeting won't be until September 14th (at noon in Hand Lab 1135), I wanted to ask for volunteers to present. Normally there are two presentations per meeting:

  1. A research-oriented presentation that discusses current data or experiments actually happening at MSU. This typically lasts between 25 and 30 minutes, with some time for questions.
  2. A journal club or method-oriented presentation where protein structure or function is highlighted. This presentation is typically shorter, from 20-25 minutes.

Of course, there are variations, and some people have opted to take a whole meeting slot to talk about their own research or highlight a particular method in a more in-depth way. Just like proteins themselves, we can be flexible.

The meeting days for SBIG this semester are listed below. While I’m most interested in having someone sign up for September, feel free to sign up for any date.

September 14th,
October 12th,
November 16th
December 14th (tentative)

There’s not a lot of structural biology on campus, and SBIG is really the only venue here at MSU where structural biology is highlighted. That said, I hope to see many of you at our meetings this year, and I hope you’ll pass this email along to anyone you think might be interested!



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