The following pages contain information about software and documentation maintained by our group. In addition, please check out the Fitzkee Lab Web Archives for older materials (the Coil Library, Five State Conformational space, etc.)

GitHub and Zenodo Stores

You can find out latest software and datasets at our GitHub Page or on Zenodo. For Zenodo data, please reference the appropriate publication.

Fitzkee Lab Web Archive

Our oldest materials can be found at the Fitzkee Lab Web Archives server. This includes the Protein Coil Library, the results of Five-State Structural simulations, and older software, such as LINUS.

Software and Programs

We maintain a few software packages on this site, although we are slowly migrating to GitHub.

Structural Biology Interest Group

You can find an archive of past Structural Biology Interest group meetings here. These are monthly meetings where graduate students gather to discuss articles of interest and research.

Biochemistry Boot Camp

Finally, we have an archive of the most recent Biochemistry Boot Camp. This page contains links to notes, YouTube videos, and more.