Undergraduate Research Begins!

Taylor and Emily Selfies

It's an exciting week here in the lab, as our two undergraduates, Taylor Agee and Emily Chappell are starting their summer research. Taylor will be working with Ryan on understanding the structure of R2ab on gold nanoparticle surfaces, and Emily is working with Radha and Kayla to understand the mechanism of biofilm formation on S. epidermidis.

Taylor is from Huntsville, AL. She is a senior chemistry major, focusuing on pre-med, and she is minoring in psychology. When she is not in the lab, she is a supporting MSU Athletics on the Dance Team. This is Taylor's first summer in the lab, and she joined in spring of 2020.

Emily is from Vancleave, MS, and she is also a chemistry major (ACS concentration) with a minor in mathematics. She, too, will be a senior in the fall. She enjoys a variety of topics in chemistry, and last year she participated in the study abroad program in Scandanavia. She joined the lab in fall of 2018.

Welcome Taylor and Emily! We hope you have a great (and productive) summer!