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Postdocs Wanted

We are currently recruiting two postdoctoral scholars for newly-funded NSF and NIH projects on protein-surface interactions. The positions will open on August 1, 2018. The ideal candidates should be highly motivated and will have experience with either nanoparticle synthesis and characterization or protein NMR spectroscopy. Day-to-day activities will include spectroscopic, microscopic, and biophysical investigation of proteins on nanoparticles. The candidates will also be responsible for expression and purification of recombinant proteins.


New NIH Funding

Dr. Fitzkee's group has been awarded a $1.7M R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health to investigate protein-surface interactions during the initial stages of biofilm formation. This project will fund the lab for five years and represents a very exciting time for the group. Our past and current group members should be proud of their efforts collecting preliminary data and laying the groundwork for this new project. Congratulations to all!


NSF Funding

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Fitzkee with a $650,000 grant to investigate the biophysical basis of protein-nanoparticle adsorption. This project will examine the interplay between protein structure and nanoparticle binding. This work represents a team effort from current and past members of the lab, and it will fund a graduate student and postdoc for the coming three years. Congratulations to all!


NIH Funding

As of today, our nanoparticle-oriented project, "Functionalized Gold Nanoconjugates: Understanding the Mechanism of Protein Binding," is being funded by the NIH (R15). Congratulations everyone on your hard work!



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