SBIG Meeting - 7/12/2013

The Structural Biology Interest Group meets this Friday at noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135). To encourage participation, free pizza and drinks will be provided at this meeting. In addition to the normal student presentations, we're going to discuss a few organizational items. There's no such thing as a free lunch, so when you come, please bring your ideas on the following topics:
  • Participation from members outside the Chemistry department has been low. One of the main goals of this group is to appeal to biological/medical research groups campus-wide. It has been suggested that changing the meeting day would help with this, and rotating the location may also be helpful. Our next meeting will be in September, so please come prepared to suggest days that may be more convenient.
  • Similarly, if there are any suggestions on topic or format changes, we should discuss those. One idea is to make the talks more selective by having student participants apply to present. Another idea is to reduce the number of talks to one per session, so that the entire meeting could more easily fit in a standard lunch break. It may also be helpful to invite on campus speakers to talk about jobs, applying for postdocs, etc.
  • Finally, there may be other faculty members or research groups who may be interested in the group. We will discuss possible outreach strategies that may help spread interest in our meetings.
If you have ideas about these topics (or anything else pertaining to the group), you can also email me at nfitzkee (at) with your thoughts. The presenters this week are both from the Fitzkee Lab. Ailin Wang will talk on her research, "Monitoring the Protein Dynamics during Binding to Gold Nanoparticles by Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange." SriRamya Tata will present a talk on Allosteric Inhibition of HIV Integrase. Hope to see you there!