Graduate Topics in Biophysical Chemistry

Lecture 8-2 Slides

The PowerPoint slides from lecture 8-2 on Circular Dichroism are available here.

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Lecture Cancelled

The weather is starting to turn, and there is now some sleet and freezing rain mixed in with the other precipitation. While the university is still open, I have decided to cancel lecture tonight. Below is a link to a previously recorded lecture on helix-coil theory, along with the notes from my undergraduate class. You are responsible for this material, so please be sure to listen.

Lecture Audio
Lecture Slides

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Notes on Statistical Weights

Here is some supplemental material from today's lecture on statistical weights. These notes are from my undergraduate class, so please note that some of the material may not have been covered in our class.

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SEM Worksheet

I have created an Excel worksheet that may help you understand the concept of "sample standard deviation" and how it relates to the "standard error of the mean." The worksheet can be downloaded here.

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