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This is the official course web page for CH 4403 01 and CH 4403 H01, "Biophysical Chemistry." Please check back (or subscribe to the RSS) for updates to the course material. If you have questions, please contact the instructor.

Week 14-16 Course Materials

Here are the remaining lecture slides for weeks 14-16. It's hard to believe the semester has gone by so quickly! The final slide of the last lecture contains details about the final exam, which will be Tuesday, December 9 from 12:00 to 3:00 pm in our normal lecture room.

  • lec14-1.pdf - Lecture 14-1 (Control of Enzyme Kinetics)
  • lec15-1.pdf - Lecture 15-2 (Protein Folding Kinetics and Thermodynamics)
  • lec16-1.pdf - Lecture 16-1 (Single Molecule Kinetics)
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Exam Date Change

By popular demand, please note that Exam 3 has been moved from 11/18 to 11/20. All other due dates (assignments, etc.) remain the same, and the lecture material planned for Thursday will be taught on Tuesday instead.

Good luck!

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Week 13 Materials

This week, we cover a few remaining topics in chemical kinetics; then, we'll begin discussing enzymes and how kinetic principles apply to them. Note that the homework assignment isn't due until December 2.

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Week 12 Materials

Here's the course material for this week. We'll be continuing our discussion of chemical kinetics.

  • lec12-1.pdf - Lecture 12-1 (Temperature Dependence of Kinetics)
  • lec12-2.pdf - Lecture 12-2 (Fast Kinetics/Perturbation Methods)
  • hw09.pdf - Assignment 9
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Week 11 Materials

Here's the notes and homework assignment for this week's lectures on chemical kinetics.

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Week 9 Materials

Below are the lecture notes and assignment handout for this week. Remember that last week's assignment will be due at 4:30 PM sharp on Friday. I will be distributing solutions at that time, and no late assignments will be accepted. This is in preparation for next weeks exam, so that you have solutions to examine while you prepare. Your graded assignments will be available Monday morning.

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Week 8 Materials

Below are the lecture slides for this week. Note that there is no homework assignment for this week (and none due on Friday), but you should be able to start working on Assignment 6 by the time we complete Thursday's lecture.

  • lec08-1.pdf - Lecture 8-1 (Dialysis and Binding)
  • lec08-2.pdf - Lecture 8-2 (Satistical Weights and Allostery)
  • linkage.pdf - Linked Equilibria and Statistical Weights
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Week 7 Materials

Below are the materials for this week. I am still working on lecture 7-2, but the notes shouldn't change significantly.

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Week 6 Materials

Only one lecture again this week. Lecture 6-2, on standard states and activities, is available here. The next homework assignment (Homework 5) is also available. Exams will be returned in class today; however, if you want solutions or help to figure out what you did wrong, you will have to make an appointment or attend office hours.

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Week 5 Materials

Because we have an exam on Thursday this week, the only handout is the lecture notes from Tuesday. You can find them here.

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