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This is the official course web page for CH 4403 01 and CH 4403 H01, "Biophysical Chemistry." Please check back (or subscribe to the RSS) for updates to the course material. If you have questions, please contact the instructor.

Week 4 Materials

Below you will find the lecture notes and homework for this week. While I have been trying to update the page numbers to correspond to the new text, please let me know if I missed any.

Week 4 Course Materials

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Week 3 Materials

The notes and homework assignment for this week are linked below.

Week 3 Course Materials

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Week 2 Materials

Below you will find the materials for this week's class. Dr. Gwaltney will be substituting while I am in Dalls for a conference. I will not be around for office hours, but you are encouraged to email me with questions if you have them.

Homework assignments should be submitted to Cindy Williams in the Chemistry office by Friday at 4:00 pm.

Lecture 2-1 Materials

Lecture 2-2 Materials

Finally, don't forget the homework assignment for this week. It is available here.

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Lecture 1-2 Notes

The notes from today's lecture on protein/DNA structure are available here.

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Assignment 1

The first assignment has two parts, linked below. The first part is a tutorial for the PyMOL molecular visualization software. The second part is a "traditional" assignment with some problems for you to solve. Both handouts will be provided for you in class.

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Welcome to Biophysical Chemistry! Please note that this web page (CH 4403) is different from last year's class (CH 4404). I will be posting the new syllabus, etc. shortly., and there will be some overlap. However, please make sure you do not download the older course material from this site (or from Google's cache).

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