Boot Camp Videos are Now Available!

Dr. Fitzkee works with Dan and Radha on video edits with Davinci Resolve.

If you weren't able to join us this year, or if you want to review one of the sessions, videos for all of this year's Boot Camp Sessions are now available on the Fitzkee Lab YouTube Channel. All of those who helped organize the camp this year truly hope that these sessions help accellerate your research and benefit your understanding of how computers can inform biochemistry.


Practice for Linux - Virtual Machines

One of this year's participants asked about more practice using Unix. Your accounts will be disabled after a week or so, but you will be able to continue using Linux if you want by using a "virtual" machine. Virtualization allows your computer to emultate an entire computer as a software application, and you can run Linux on your own Windows or Mac system without installing another operating system - something that can be difficult.


Boot Camp Registration Now Closed

We've had an incredible turnout for Boot Camp this year, with over 60 students currently signed up. Because of COVID restrictions, we are reaching the capacity of our room and administrative load, and registration is now closed. All students who are registered should have received an email confirmation; if you believe you registered on time, please contact Nick Fitzkee.

If you were not able to get in this year, please check this site for video sessions, and please consider signing up next year!


Final Boot Camp Program

Boot Camp Flier

Just over one week until Biochemistry Boot Camp 2021! We have a great program lined up, with new content and two new sessions! We also have recruited a talented group of instructors and guest speakers to lead the sessions this year.

The program this year is the largest its ever been, and we will meet in the Mitchell Memorial Library Auditorium (room 1000, lowest floor). You can find a map and a final program PDF below.



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