Feedly Video - RSS Feeds from NCBI PubMed Searches

Feedly graciously responded to a tech support request on Twitter in response to the trouble I was having creating a new feed. The trick that I was missing in class was that, instead of clicking on the search result, I needed to hit enter or return.

To get updates on your search, simply copy the RSS feed from the PubMed site, then paste it as a new feed, and hit return. Don't click on anything else after you paste it! Here's a video (provided by Feedly tech support) that shows you the idea.


Boot Camp Final Program (Registration Closes June 1)

Students have breakfast at 2019 Boot Camp

We're excited to announce the final program for this year's Biochemistry Boot Camp. We have extended 12 travel awards, the largest number ever in a single year. We are also expecting a large group from The University of Alabama's REU in Interdisciplinary Convergence to Advance the Biotechnological and Bioscience Workforce



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