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Welcome to the homepage for the MSU Structural Biology Interest Group (SBIG)! This page contains information about our current meeting schedule and locations. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you would like to receive emails, or if you would like to be included in the presentation schedule, please contact Dr. Fitzkee at nfitzkee @ (remove spaces).

Currently, SBIG meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135 (click here for a map). Occasionally, we meet elsewhere, so please double-check the announcements below for more details.

No Summer SBIG

Hi everyone,

Because of summer scheduling, there will be no June and July SBIG meetings this summer. We'll pick it up again in August with another round of structural biology presentations. See you then!



SBIG Meeting - May 11 (Free Pizza)

It's once again time for our monthly SBIG meeting. This month's meeting is being held and hosted by the Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing, & Biotechnology (IGBB), and there will be free pizza.

We will meet at noon in room 119 in Pace Seed Lab (see the map) on Wednesday, 5/11. For more information or updates, please check back here. Looking forward to seeing you then!


SBIG Meeting - April 13

The next meeting of the Structural Biology Interest Group will be held April 13 at noon in the Chemistry Conference room (HL 1135). Our speakers this week will be:

  • Dinesh Yadav (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinesh will present review of recent literature entitled, "Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement in the Analysis of Transient Dynamic Processes in Proteins."
  • Dr. Ailin Wang (Fitzkee Lab) - Ailin will present an update of her recent research, "Electrostatic Interactions and Protein Competition Reveal a Dynamic Surface in Gold Nanoparticle-Protein Adsorption."

Hope to see you there!


SBIG Meeting - March 9

Our speakers for SBIG this week are listed below. As usual, we will meet in the Chemistry Conference room (Hand Lab 1135) at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, March 9th. See you then!

  • Mingjie Li (Emerson Lab) - "Thermal stability of an a-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase(TauD) using Circular Dichroism and Differential Scanning Calorimetry."
  • Jerrano Bowleg - Journal Club topic TBD.

No lunch this week, so please remember to pack something!


SBIG Meeting - February 10

We will have a normal monthly Structural Biology Interest Group meeting at noon on Wednesday February 10th in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135). Our speakers this week will be:

  • Amanda Metz (Lewis Lab) - Mandi will present on her research, titled "Biophysical Investigations of c-MYC NHE-III, C-rich Complementary Strand: i-Motif Capped with Flanking Duplex Ends."
  • Kayla McConnell (Emerson/Fitzkee Labs) - Kayla will present a journal club on "Auto-inducing media for uniform isotope labeling of proteins with 15N, 13C and 2H." The link for the article is available here.

We hope to see you Wednesday! Please remember to pack a lunch, and if you'd like to present, please contact Dr. Fitzkee.



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