Structural Biology Interest Group

Welcome to the homepage for the MSU Structural Biology Interest Group (SBIG)! This page contains information about our current meeting schedule and locations. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you would like to receive emails, or if you would like to be included in the presentation schedule, please contact Dr. Fitzkee at nfitzkee @ (remove spaces).

Currently, SBIG meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135 (click here for a map). Occasionally, we meet elsewhere, so please double-check the announcements below for more details.

SBIG Meeting - 3/11

Even though it's spring break, we'll still be having SBIG this week. We'll meet Wednesday at noon in the Chemistry Conference room (Hand Lab 1135). This week we have two first-time presenters:

  • Randika Perera (Fitzkee Lab) - Randika will present a methods-oriented presentation on using formaldehyde labeling to study structural properties of proteins.
  • Dr. Jean Feugang - Dr. Magliore will give a presentation on his lab's recent research, entitled "Enhancing reproductive performance in livestock through nanotechnology."

No pizza this week, so remember to pack a lunch! See you Wednesday!


BioNano Presentation

BioNano Genomics is giving a presentation to IGBB on new approaches to genome mapping. The presentation is February 12th at 3:30 PM in Pace Seed Lab. For more information, please look at the flier, available here.


SBIG Meeting - 2/11

Our regular monthly SBIG meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 11 in the Chemistry conference room (Hand Lab 1135). Our speakers will be:

  • Ailin Wang (Fitzkee Lab) - Ailin will present her latest research on protein-nanoparticle interactions.
  • Madhu Lakdusinghe (Emerson Lab) - Madhu will present a talk on Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC) and FPLC analysis.

No pizza this week, so be sure to pack a lunch!


SBIG Meeting - 1/14

The first Structural Biology Interest Group of the semester will occur at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, 1/14. This semester, we're back in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135. The speakers are listed below:

  • Whitnee Nettles (Emerson Lab) - "Metal-protein interactions in carbonic anhydrase." Whitnee will describe her recent research progress targeted at understanding the multiplicity of binding sites in this important enzyme.
  • Karen Woods (Fitzkee Lab) - "Fluorescent Confocal Microscopy." - Karen will describe this technique in the context of undergraduate research she has done with Dr. Richard Cone at Johns Hopkins.

As this is the first meeting of the semester, please remember that you are welcome to invite friends who may be new to the MSU community. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!


December SBIG - 12/17

This week will mark the final SBIG of the semester. We will meet at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, 12/17 in Hand Lab 3324. To celebrate the end of the semester, there will be free pizza at this meeting, so no need to pack a lunch (unless you really don't like pizza). Our speakers will be:

  • Jesse Dupont (Lewis Lab) - "Binding studies of metalloporphyrins and model human telomere DNA complexes." This talk will cover Jesse's recent ITC studies on porphyrin-DNA interactions.
  • Dinusha Jinasena (Fitzkee Lab) - "NMR Lineshape Analysis." This talk will discuss how lineshape analysis can be used to monitor binding kinetics and thermodynamics.


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