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Welcome to the homepage for the MSU Structural Biology Interest Group (SBIG)! This page contains information about our current meeting schedule and locations. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you would like to receive emails, or if you would like to be included in the presentation schedule, please contact Dr. Fitzkee at nfitzkee @ (remove spaces).

Currently, SBIG meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135 (click here for a map). Occasionally, we meet elsewhere, so please double-check the announcements below for more details.

SBIG Meeting - January 13

Welcome back everyone! It's time to kick off our Spring 2016 Structural Biology Interest Group series! This week, we're back to meeting in the Chemistry Conference Room, Hand Lab 1135, on Wednesday (January 13th) at 12:00 noon. Our speakers and topics are listed below:

  • Guangchao Liang (Webster Lab): Guangchao will present a recent update on his research, entitled "Phosphoramidate Hydrolysis Catalyzed by hHINT1: A Cluster-Model DFT Computational Study."
  • Becca Hill (Fitzkee Lab): Becca is presenting a journal article on NMR-based metabolomics. The full text of the article can be found here.

There's no pizza this week, so remember to pack if you get hungry. I hope to see you there!


SBIG Meeting Location

I was able to obtain the Biology conference room for the Structural Biology Interest Group tomorrow at noon. The room number is Harned Hall room 314, and there will be pizza. See you then!


SBIG Meeting - 12/9 (location TBD)

We'll have the final Structural Biology Interest Group meeting of the year this Wednesday (12/9) at 12:00 pm. I'm still trying to track down a meeting space, so if you have space available in your building, please let me know. I will post an update to this webpage as soon as I have a location..

Our speakers this week will be:

  • Randika Perera (Fitzkee Lab) – “Modulating Protein-Nanoparticle Interactions using Protein Chemical Modification.”
  • Dr. Stephen Pruett (Dept. of Basic Science, CVM) – Title TBD.

To celebrate the end of the year, I’ll supply pizza for this meeting. This may change depending on where we meet – the library, for example, doesn’t allow food in its meeting spaces. Again, please check back here for an update on the location.

See you Wednesday (I hope!),


SBIG Meeting - 10/14

The next meeting of the Structural Biology Interest Group will be this Wednesday, October 14th at noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135). Our speakers for this week are:

  • Ailin Wang (Fitzkee Lab) - Ailin's presentation will be titled "Using CEST/DEST NMR to Characterize Sparsely-Populated Biomolecular Conformers."
  • Dinusha Jinasena (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinusha will present a talk on her research, entitled "Exploring the Thermodynamics of the Pin 1- Histone interaction."

See you Wednesday!


SBIG Meeting - 9/9

After our summer hiatus, it's time to resume our monthly SBIG meetings. The next meeting of the Structural Biology Interest Group will be Wednesday, September 9th at 12:00 noon in the Chemistry Conference Room, Hand Lab 1135. It's the start of a new semester, so please feel free to bring friends or new students in your department who may be interested in our meetings.

This week's speakers will be:

  • Dr. Joe Emerson - "Introduction to the Hofmeister Series." Dr. Emerson will review the importance of the Hofmeister series in studies of biological structure and function.
  • Yue Zhang (Fitzkee Lab) - ''Simulating the Early Stages of ELP Aggregation Using a Biased Structural Model." Yue will discuss his recent research in to the reversible aggregation of Elastin Like Proteins.

Hope to see you there!



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