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Welcome to the homepage for the MSU Structural Biology Interest Group (SBIG)! This page contains information about our current meeting schedule and locations. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but if you would like to receive emails, or if you would like to be included in the presentation schedule, please contact Dr. Fitzkee at nfitzkee @ (remove spaces).

Currently, SBIG meets at noon on the second Wednesday of each month in the chemistry conference room, Hand Lab 1135 (click here for a map). Occasionally, we meet elsewhere, so please double-check the announcements below for more details.

SBIG Meeting - 7/16 (Free Pizza)

The July meeting for the Structural Biology Interest Group will be held on Wednesday, June 16 at 12 pm in the chemistry conference room (Hand Lab 1135). This week we will have two speakers from Joe Emerson's lab:

  • Or Benet (Emerson Lab) - Or's title will be "A cheaper method for studying unfolding mechanisms by MD - done right."
  • Mingjie Li (Emerson Lab) - Mingjie will present a talk entitled "Exploring the Nitrite Reductase Activity of Copper Complexes."

Or has generously offered to provide pizza this week, so no need to pack a lunch. Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!


June SBIG Meeting

The June meeting for the Structural Biology Interest Group will be held on Wednesday, June 11 at 12 pm in the chemistry conference room (Hand Lab 1135). Our speakers this week are:

  • Clint Mikek (Lewis Lab) - Clint will present an introduction to isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC).
  • Dinesh Yadav (Fitzkee Lab) - Dinesh will present a talk on his recent research on residue-specific folding kinetics in GB3.

Remember to pack a lunch! See you there!


Biochemistry Boot Camp

Of general interest to SBIG:

Once again, we are offering "Biochemistry Boot Camp" this year to teach undergraduates the common tools they will need to perform their summer research. MSU graduate students and advanced high school students are welcome, too. Please take a look at this announcement, and get in touch with Dr. Fitzkee if you are interested.


No SBIG in May

To celebrate the end of class (and because several members of the Fitzkee lab are traveling), there will be no SBIG this month. See you in June!


SBIG Meeting - 4/9

The Structural Biology Interest Group will meet this Wednesday, April 9, at noon in the Chemistry Conference Room (Hand Lab 1135). Our speakers will be:

  • Kate Henderson - Kate is a student in Dr. Emerson's lab, and her talk is titled "Metal Binding to Taurine Dioxygenase: A thermodynamic assessment of Fe(II) binding to the 2-His-1-carboxylate motif."

  • Dr. Vu Le - Vu recently obtained his Ph.D. from Dr. Lewis' lab, and he will present an overview of fluorescence methods applied to molecular biophysics.

No pizza this month, so don't forget to bring your lunch!



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